The Amazonas terrariums are a real innovation. Thanks to their modular design they are easy to assemble or dismantle. The terrariums also have an integrated lock with key. Lamps can also be fitted, thanks to the specially integrated cable entries with cable glands.

The watertight base means that there is virtually no limit to the applications of Amazonas terrariums. The tightly fitting front glass means that even the smallest feed animals can't escape.

The Repti-Box from Amazonas means that the secure transport of live feed animals or reptiles is no problem. The lock is magnetic, while the openings in the sides provide adequate ventilation.

Amazonas Terrarium

Terrarium Kit with removable lid made of close mesh metal wire with prefabricated opening for lamps

  • Ventilation areas for optimal air flow
  • Waterproof bottom
  • Includes terrarium lock
  • Raised bottom frame

Size: 30x30cm H:32cm
Art. Nr. Color
305466 black
Size: 30x30cm H:45cm
Art. Nr. Color
305467 black
Size: 40x40cm H:60cm
Art. Nr. Color
305468 white
305469 black
Size: 100x60cm H:60cm
Art. Nr. Color
305470 white

Repti Box - Transport box

  • Ideal to transport terrarium animals or live foods
  • Magnetic lock
  • Stackable for display or breeding purposes
  • Ventilation slits in the cover and on the side

Art. Nr. Size
305471 30x20cm H=15cm