In addition to humidity, the right temperature is also very important for all reptiles. Amazonas provides two systems for this purpose. Depending on the type of terrarium and the species involved, the heating cable or heating stone can be used. The heating stone is ideal as a localised source of warmth, especially for digestion. It is especially recommended for animals like bearded dragons, which require a great deal of warmth. On the surface of the stone the temperature is 35 – 36°C

The heating cable is especially recommended for tropical terrariums. The rising heat also enables moisture from the ground to evaporate, which has the effect of stabilising the humidity. Both systems should be operated with a timer, so that a day-night rhythm is created.

The Amazonas incubator is ideal for both beginners and experienced breeders. It offers space for up to 48 eggs. The lightweight insulating material ensures that the incubator has a high level of energy efficiency. The viewing window integrated in the lid makes it easy to make a visual check on the reptile eggs.

Heat Cable

Heating cable for terrarium. Ideal source of warmth for an optimal supply to terrarium inhabitants. Encourages the well-being and supports digestion. More than one terrarium can be supplied with the warmth from one heating cable, depending on the size and surface area of the terrariums. Easy to install.

Art. Nr. Length Watt
305483 4.0m 15W
305484 7.0m 50W

Heat Rock - Heating Stone for terrariums

Facilitates digestion. Integrated thermostat regulates the warmth and prevents overheating. Efficient warmth production at low wattage. Particularly suitable for desert terrariums. Electrical cable protected against chewing skin friendly color. Indicator light shows the heating phase. Easy to clean

Note: Do not rinse the heating stone in hot water

Art. Nr. Size Watt
305481 19x13x3.5cm 9W
305482 33x18x3.5cm 14W

Digital incubator

The incubator is made of heat insulating material and therefore energy saving. Capacity for up to 48 eggs. Power of heating element: 46W. Temperature range: 20-40 ° C Power about 16W / hr. The viewing window integrated in the lid makes it easy to make a visual check on the reptile eggs.

Art. Nr. Size Watt
305476 56x46cm H=41cm 16W