Amazonas artificial plants enhance the appearance of every terrarium and provide concealment for its occupants. Any plants which are dirty can be cleaned easily under running water. The plants therefore do not present any hygiene risk. The wide range of plants offered by Amazonas means that there is no limit to the available design possibilities.

Amazonas, of course, offers acting roots and rock formations. Artificial roots are water neutral and it will not stain as real ones. The plastic rocks, in comparison with real rocks, are significantly lighter and has a positive effect on the total weight of the terrarium. You can also replant or combine with real roots and rocks. Themed aquariums can also be creatively decorated through the Amazonas program.

Artificial plants

Available in a range of sizes and colours.

TIP: Create variety in your aquarium by regularly changing the artificial plants. Your fish will be delighted.

Reptil Vine - Plastic Lianes

The Repti Vines are artificial, but have a very natural-looking. Ideal for arboreal reptiles and amphibians. Easy to bend and deform. Creates a natural environment for reptiles. Feel natural and look natura.

Note: Keep the vine away from heat lamps and other heat sources. When the wire is visible, replace the vine in order to avoid injury.

Art. Nr. Size
302018 ø1cm L=1.5m
302019 ø2cm L=1.5m

Skeleton hiding

Secure hiding for reptiles and amphibians. Ideal for desert and rainforest terrariums.

Art. Nr. Models Size
302016 Buffalo skeleton 13x21cm
302017 Dino Skeleton 15.5x17cm

Decor stones

Available in a range of sizes.

Art. Nr. Model Size
302012 Elafon XS 5.5x7cm
302013 Elafon S
302014 Elafon M
302015 Elafon L
302010 Papo 7.5x18cm
302011 Tasman