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A Delphin-Amazonia AG brand

Delphin-Amazonia AG was founded as a production and wholesale company by Werner Schmid in 1976. This company had been preceded by the firm of Delphin-Luftpumpen. Werner Schmid specialised in the production of air pumps for aquariums. Even in those days these pumps, which generate oxygen in the water, made it easier for aquarium enthusiasts to keep ornamental fish. Within a very short time Delphin-Amazonia AG developed into a wholesaler with a wide range of products for pet care, aquariums and terrariums. The company's portfolio grew within only a few years into a comprehensive range for all pet supplies.

Development and innovation

When it comes to developing pet products it isn't enough simply to like animals and knowing the right conditions in which they should be kept. Changing environmental conditions require constant monitoring. Animals are adaptable, and quickly learn what they enjoy doing and eating. Products which only yesterday were top favourites are today ignored or eaten only with reluctance. We regard it as our main task, in the interests of the animal and its owner, to develop and distribute products which promote pet welfare and ensure they enjoy appropriate conditions.

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