Thermometers give an assurance that the temperature in the aquarium is correct. The Amazonas Digital Thermometer shall attach to the aquarium from the outside. The digital thermometer measures directly from the aquarium glass and it accounts for sensor or the like. This digital series is not only for qualitative but also for visual is convincing. They are suitable to fit for aquariums in white or black.

From the classic series, there are two thermometers. Universal Thermometer with suction cup is to attach in the aquarium. The Aqua Thermometer with liquid crystals is attached to the outside. Both models are reliable and simply classic!

As for maintenance, the partial water change is the most important thing. When doing it regularly, substances such as nitrite or nitrate and bacterial density can be reduced. The Amazonas Gravel Cleaners are perfect as an aid for the purpose. Both models have a flow controller, which also allows changing the water in small aquariums. The gravel cleaner is divided in two parts and can be used for low and tall aquariums.

We recommend every week, at least every two weeks, to change at least one-third of water. Due to the short time intervals of the water change will save the fishes from large fluctuations in water parameters.

Universal Thermometer

Floating Thermometer complete with suction cup for fresh and salt water; up to 50 ° C. Indication in ° C and ° F.

Aqua Therm

Liquid Crystal Thermometer for aquariums. Accurate and easy to read. Easy to install on the outer glass panel. Measurement range: 18-34 °C / 64-93 °F. Detachable.

Thermometer Digital

Stick it outside on everywhere (under the water level). incl. batteries.

Art. Nr. Model Size
200984 Universal Thermometer ø1cmx11cm
200989 Aqua Therm 12cm
201182 Digital White 50x10x46mm
201183 Digital Black 60x45x18mm


Hight quality net made of 100% nylon; corrosion and water resistant; black. Various sizes. With convenient hanger. For fresh and salt water.

Art. Nr. Model Size
206900 1 7.5x6cm
206901 2 10x8cm
206902 3 12.5x10cm
206903 4 15x12cm
206904 5 20x15cm

Rearing Boxes

The Amazonas Rearing Boxes are perfect when aquarium offspring is heralded. There are two models to choose from. The Net Rearing Box is easy to assemble and has 2 metal fasteners. It’s perfect for use as, e.g. safe shrimp growth in the community tank. The Spawning Box is floatable and transparent. It is recommended, among the others, to spawn (fish eggs); the smooth inner walls do not hurt their delicate shells.

Art. Nr. Model Size
201234 Net Rearing Box 17x12x13cm
201230 Spawning Box 3-piece 20x10x10cm

Amazonas Aqua Light

With the Amazonas Aqua Light brings great light effects in the aquarium. Optionally available in single colors or with integrated color changer. The color change mode is extra slow so as not to irritate the fishes. The underwater LED is suitable for highlighting decoration or as Twilight illumination while observing nocturnal fishes in evening. It is safe to use, suitable for fresh water and sea water. 180°C rotatable.

Art. Nr. Color Watt
203045 White 0.4
203046 Blue 0.4
203047 Color 0.4

Aqua Spring

Curved spring scissors ideal for mosses and herbs.

Art. Nr. Size
201010 15cm

Aqua Wave

Wave shaped scissors for plants care.

Art. Nr. Size
201011 20cm
201012 28cm

Cleaner Set 2 in 1

Glass Cleaning Kit 2 in 1. The blade and the sponge allow you to access every corner and remove even stubborn residues from the glass. The 2 extensions allow you to remove every bit of dirt, even in deeper aquaria. Extension up to max. 50 cm

Art. Nr. Length
202132 max. 50cm